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Guardian Conservatory Roofs North West

The market-leading Guardian Conservatory Roofs is a revolutionary step forward in home improvement – a high performance. Lightweight roof replacement system that dramatically transforms your conservatory into an ambient, much needed space that can be used daily, all year round.

Designed to replace your existing conservatory’s glass or polycarbonate roof, the Guardian Warm Roof System.  Retaining your original windows, doors frames, walls, and is fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.

High-performance structural properties.

After months of testing the Guardian Conservatory Roof using various materials, a superior lightweight aluminium frame was chosen due to its high-performance structural properties.

Many roof systems use timber, which weighs significantly more, putting additional stress on the existing conservatory walls.  Timber is also prone to shrinkage and is often cut to size on-site unlike the Guardian Roof.  Our structural frame is manufactured and pre-assembled under quality controlled factory conditions.

With differnt tiles options availabe we have the perfect solution to turn that old unsued space into the best room in the house.

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A new Living Space in just a few Days!

The Guardian Roof System is designed to be of similar weight to a glass roof of equal size, so it follows the existing glazed walls.  If correctly specified for the original glazed roof, it should be capable of supporting the replacement Guardian Roof System.

  1. The vital first step is to remove the entire existing roof.
  2. Timber packer and structural ring-beam are sealed and secured to the top of the window frames.
  3. The aluminium rafters, ridges and wall plates are fitted and the spider arms are secured to the spider bracket.
  4. Exterior grade ply-board is fixed to the rafters.
  5. Breathable waterproof membrane is laid over the ply-wood and secured in place.
  6. Chosen tile is added ensuring weathertightness and the gutter and external trim are secured in place.
  7. 3 layers of high performance insulation (between and over rafters, and insulated plasterboard), is installed.
  8. A total of 125mm insulation is used for outstanding insulating performance.
  9. A whole new living space, all ready to enjoy a nice bottle of wine in!

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We also offer a internally insulated conservatory roof is your looking for a cheaper option Internally Insulated Conservatory Roofs – Safechoice (

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